There is no such thing as a tension-free moving day, but with prior planning you can considerably ease the moving process and reduce the stress and burden of the big day. Planning two to three weeks before moving is very important and it will go a long way in saving you from a number of moving day disasters.

Here is how you should prepare ahead of time for your moving day:
1. Get Rid of Unwanted Items
You will need every inch of empty space that you can clear before starting to pack, because frankly speaking, you might run into a big mess come moving day. Figure out what items are not needed and whether they can be sold off or not. Usually, setting up a garage sale is a good idea. Throw away leftover items in the trash and be mindful of your community while discarding such items.

2. Choose a Professional Moving Company
Availing the services of a professional moving company is highly recommended and careful thought should be given as such, when searching for moving companies. This is especially important because it will greatly help you avoid moving day catastrophes and ensure the safe transit of your goods and items.

Anyone with a van can present himself or herself as a mover and offer cheap prices, but you must have surely heard of moving day horror stories involving these types of movers.

Choose a reputable and established moving company that has the track record and experience to back up their claims, a skilled workforce, and properly padded vehicles to ensure the safety of your items. A reputable moving company may charge more, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Collect estimates from three to four movers, then choose the one which best suits your needs. Go for the ones, which offer a quick turnaround time and don’t forget to check that they operate in areas you currently reside in and wish to move to.

The final step in choosing a moving company is to check if they are registered with all the relevant regulatory authorities; never sign contracts with an unlicensed mover. In addition, a good mover will never hesitate to provide you with their license details.

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3. Schedule Move after Possession
This is very important, yet missed by most people. First, you need to make sure that the keys are in your hands; you must have the possession of the house you are moving to. On delivery day, almost all movers will want a prompt dispatch; any delays may cause them undue frustration and could lead to rash decisions, which may result in damages to your belongings.

4. Gather all Packing Supplies
Before packing, make sure that you have all the supplies you need to pack effectively and efficiently. Most commonly used packing supplies are boxes, wrapping paper and bubble wraps, labeling stickers, scissors, cartons, tapes, ropes, cutters, wardrobe boxes and permanent markers. However, if you hire us to do the packing, we’ll handle supplies for you.

5. Pack Beforehand
Packing two or three days before moving day is always a good idea. Figure out what items will need to be placed in boxes and containers. Carefully pack them and make sure there are no empty space in the boxes, as any vacuum may result in damage should the boxes be subjected to a heavy impact. Wadded paper can be used to fill these gaps in the boxes.

To ensure maximum safety, take sensitive, delicate, and high-value items, such as legal documents, wills, or deeds with you in your car.

6. Disconnect Utilities and Change Address Details
It is important to arrange for disconnection of utilities like electricity, cable, phone, gas, water etc. to avoid any inconvenience and charges later on.

Also arrange for change of address notices to your bank, school, friends, relatives, and magazine/newspaper subscriptions.

7. Moving Day
Here comes the big day. After taking into account the above steps, you will be completely relaxed, mentally calm and feeling positive about things.

On the day of the move, it is important to oversee the moving team to make sure that all work is being carried out as agreed. Your presence will ensure careful handling of your items at the hands of the movers. After everything has been packed and loaded, stroll around your house to make sure that everything is packed as needed and that nothing is left behind.

On delivery day after unloading, make sure that nothing is left behind in the moving vehicle by mistake. Immediately check for damages after unloading and if any, fill the claim form on the spot for quick compensation or settlement. Make sure that all the items are present and nothing is missing.

Following all the above tips will greatly help you minimize the stress and burden associated with moving.

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